April 14, 2013

Wanna read, gotta read....

While yes we still have snow on the ground here (aaargh!), I am sure looking ahead to summer, and to some non-businessy reading.

We head off on vacation in less than two weeks, and will be on multiple airplanes and one very large ship, so will have some downtime, and some unplugged time, to catch up on recreational reading.

I am currently on the most recent Sue Grafton book, I snoozed through Lean In already, and the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada isn't out until June, so I had some tough choices to make.

Here is what I have loaded on my iPad, and yes even one old-fashioned book with real paper pages.... looking for suggestions here, what else should I be reading?

Carol Burnett, Carrie and Me: I adore Carol Burnett, and loved her smart autobiography about her unusual childhood, One More Time. This one is about her daughter Carrie, who died of cancer at age 38. I expect to laugh and cry...

Dave Hugelschaffer, Day Into Night: A local Alberta author I had not heard of until a few weeks ago, this is the first in his mystery series about a forest ranger turned investigator. The author is a firefighter himself, and based on the radio interview I heard, the guy is smart and funny. How had I not heard of him before?

Lance Burson, The Ballad of Helene Troy: A first novel by my Sprocket Ink cohort Lance Burson, I paid my dollars and downloaded it on day one of selling. Lance is a smart sarcastic writer, I cant wait to carve out a few hours to read his book about a wannabe rock and roll star named Helene. Better not suck, Lance....!

Lindy Woodhead, Shopping, Seduction & Mr Selfridge: Granted, the current PBS series is mediocre and certainly no Downton Abbey, but it does have me intrigued about the brash American who created the iconic "Selfridges" London department store and is credited with reinventing retail as we know it.

William Davis, The Wheat Belly Diet: We bought this two months ago and has been sitting untouched on the coffee table. I am still eating bread, and surprisingly have not lost much weight. It is coming on the cruise with us, if only to taunt me as I head towards the dining room. Okay, I actually do intend to read the damn thing and change my entire life.....

So... what are you reading?