April 29, 2013

White Trash Pizza Party...

A few weeks ago we had dinner and a lovely evening at the home of our friends, let's call them Jane and Glenn (because those are their names).

As we ate a wonderful indulgent yet mostly healthy meal, veggies and all, we laughed and mocked the crazy trashy foods we had seen advertised... silly over-the-top things like pizza with hot dogs shoved in the crust, and pizza with cream cheese and meatball toppers. Why would people ruin foods with bizarre fatty stupid combinations like that?

These disgusting over the top carb-loaded fat-overkill foods were utterly gross. And we simply had to try them... so the plan for our next evening together was hatched.

So last weekend we had our White Trash Pizza Party (thanks Jane for the moniker). While we didn't go as far as to wear Crocs or play bingo, I think we pulled it off.

After the first crisis was averted (these gourmet delights are no longer offered on the Pizza Hut website), we were able to call customer service and special order them in. For the "crown" pizza we chose both cream cheese and meatball crowns (crust extensions), and decided on spicy chicken toppings. For the hot dog stuffed crust we chose vegetarian toppings (extra irony points).

Four people, no veggies, two large fat-filled pizzas... they were cheesy and bready and tasty and way too much. And we devoured them. Like so many things in life, they were so bad and so good.

While all were tasty --- cream cheese on pizza, who knew? --- we all agreed the hot dog crust (think pig in a blanket) was our favourite, and we were a tad embarrassed by our affection for it. Awesome.

To mitigate the risk of this meal not being bad enough for us, Jane and Glenn brought six Dairy Queen Dilly Bars for dessert... so that's about the Weight Watchers points equivalent of kale, right?

Awesome fun evening... and oh yeah I gotta get on that damn treadmill.