January 5, 2010

Mondays Blow

Let's all put on a happy face, because here's five reasons why chances are next Monday will be better than this Monday:

1- Chances are, I will not wake up to find my partner (lovingly) ask me at 7 AM Monday did I realize that I had left the interior light of my car on? Nope I did not realize that. And apparently yes had been on. Since Saturday afternoon. You gotta know that's not good for a car battery or my peace of mind on a cold winter day.

2- Chances are, after scrambling and scurrying to get to work on time, I will not be surprised, sidelined, and pissed off by the fact that when I go to put on my shiny new brown brogue shoes for the first time, the left one is a size 8, which is a size too small. The right one is a size 9 and fits just fine, thank you very much.

3- Chances are, I will not come back to work after a peaceful four days off to find a 'passionate' customer complaint that on closer inspection is NOT EVEN FROM ONE OF MY CUSTOMERS, it is from across the country!

4- Chances are, later that Monday evening when I am catching up on email and writing a brilliant and witty blog posting, I will not accidentally turn off the wireless connection to my laptop. And if by some remote chance I take my stupid pills and do this (again), I will not waste time patting down the computer for a secret button or toggle, or searching the online user's guide for the secret answer (and yes searching the online user's guide is quite the task when you have no connection). Four frustrating hours (okay was 25 minutes, seemed longer), I now know how to reset the damn thing.

5- Chances are, as I am scraping the snow off my car during yet another cold snowy winter night, I will not slip and fall on my ass, leaving me with, yes, a sore ass.

Ahhh, gotta love Mondays....!


Mama Gayle said...

Sorry if I had to snicker a bit while reading your post (maybe it was your delivery?).....I do feel sympathy for you though....days like that SUCK!

Bob said...

And those are five solid reasons why I usually work from home on Mondays!

Michael Mattison said...

Brahm -- How funny you've been to Chuckanut Drive! Now how far off the beaten track is that? Small world.
Glad to have discovered your blog; I'll have to find time for more of your sarcasm, humor and great choice of subject.
Take care,

SharkBoy said...

The only good Mondays are the Statutory Holiday Mondays

Kevin said...

Ah, now you know why every two weeks, I take Monday as my earned day off. Sorry your Monday sucked, honey.


gosh! and i thought i hated mondays...

Muffy St. Bernard said...

I hate those little-black-cloud days. At least things seem brighter when the cloud leaves!

That does not, however, address the important question: how did you buy shoes of different sizes?

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

So happy to have found you here.
(Glad I waited until Wednesday. Seems like you were pretty busy on Monday.)

slightlyinsanestacey said...

You have my deepest sympathy. You know from my blog how much Monday and I hate each other. I'm sorry you too were victim of Monday's wrath.

Brahm said...

Misery loves company, so I guess am glad to hear that Mondays blow for other people as well!

I have next Monday off and I think plan to stay in bed...

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