January 3, 2010

Oh Crap, I Already Broke My New Year's Resolutions!

Okay truth is I didn't really formalize my resolutions. I did have two top of mind though, which were to eat better and exercise more. I know, I know, what bold and innovative concepts for resolutions. Whatever.

And so, armed with this new healthy outlook, how did I spend January 1st? Big fancy brunch out with mountain ranges of delicious food, watching three movies on dvd, napping with K and the dogs, very possibly eating pizza-shaped chocolate. No exercise unless you count getting up to change the dvd. Which is like three steps from the sofa.

Any way you slice it, and even without set resolutions, yep I blew them.

The truly surprising part here is that I don't have a themed, alphabetized, printed and laminated set of resolutions. I love lists, in a sick obsessive kind of way, like Tiger Woods loves trashy cocktail waitresses, like Britney loves lip syncing, like Angelina loves collecting kids from third world countries. Loooove.

Then a couple of years ago I gave up resolutions cold turkey. I like goals, I really like achieving things and crossing them off the universal list of stuff I gotta do, and then life gets crazy busy and you don't achieve what you set out to achieve, and bottom line is I hate failing at crap. Solution? No list, no failure to achieve said list.

Self improvement is more than a good idea, it's vital, and the New Year is a logical time to start. But let's face it - for the next few weeks, the gyms will be busier, houses will be cleaner, the recycling blue boxes will be used more, people will say 'fuck' less often, people may be nicer, and then... everything will revert to the way it was. Temporary improvements seem to be the norm.

The truth is we all have a few things about ourselves we want to work on. And this is not only the beginning of a new year, it's the beginning of a new decade. Holy crap, that is too much to think about. A year at a time is good for me. So I do want a road map of some kind, though maybe not a firm list.

This is a big year -- we are getting married, building a house, and getting dog number three --- okay that last one is still under negotiation, but stay tuned for a standard schnauzer named Sherlock. Or Maclaine. Launching our new family, without getting buried in the workings of details and budgets, is priority number one for 2010.

As for resolutions? I want to do more and do better and learn new stuff at work, and do more and do better and learn new stuff with this blog. I am gonna eat better and exercise more. And I think I am even going to make a list...


Kevin said...

Want pizza for dinner? I know the three dogs love the crust.

A Mom With A View said...

They all ring true..except of course for saying .."fuck"' I think that one stays...the rest is like you said..good intentions..but how was new years day spent...same here..but who could resist the tempting treats and new dvds..not us..luckily they were'nt part of my lists...Happy New Year..!!

Kathryn said...

Lovely - focus on building your future together and forget that other crap.

Amanda@BrilliantSulk said...

Did you say pizza shaped chocolate? Delicious.

I'm not one for resolutions. I like the goal thing though. My goal this year is to adopt another dog from Taiwan and maybe put my two kids up for adoption. I wonder if my husband would notice?


that's why you now have 362 days left to make it perfect. and BTW: i luv' MacLaine!!! just don't tell him i said that. it's between you both.

Kevin said...

MacLaine is my preferred name too!

MJ said...


Have you learned NOTHING in our short time together?

Dean Grey said...

I totally agree with this!

I think making resolutions is part of the problem!

It just creates enormous amounts of stress and who needs any more of that!

Good riddance to New Year's resolutions, I say!


Just Joany said...

My New Year's Resolution was to not worry about making any. So far, I've done pretty good.

~ Just Joany
Red Wagon Flights

J@v@JuNKo said...

omg, soooo weird, i just ate a piece of chocolate pizza slice last night!! My friend got it for me and i wolfed it down! mmmmmm! :) thanks for checkin out my JJblog :) love yours! the new Alberta art gallery looks AMAZING!! i have to do a post about it one day!!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Happy new year Brahm! It's too soon to worrying about breaking your new years resolutions... you need to ease yourself in gently to them before even contemplating breaking them. Anne
P.S. I think you should call your new dog Dave.

Reality Observer said...

I have stopped with the resolutions. Trying to better myself one day at a time by trying to expand my awareness. Daunting task but doable.

All the best for 2010

Vodka Logic said...

Resolutions don't start until today [monday] anyway. Its the law when a holiday is on a friday.

I messed mine already and had cookies for lunch.

Good luck with the wedding.

Deb said...

The best advice I ever heard about eating well is to "make every bite count." It doesn't matter if it's pizza or chocolate or broccoli, but that it nourishes you in some way. Happy New Year!

promote blogs Suersh Khanl said...

Eat better and excercise more!

Great resolutions! I hope I'll adapt yor resolutions. But I share with yor resolutions "I want to do more and do better and learn new stuff at work, and do more and do better and learn new stuff with my blog icttrends.com"

Anonymous said...

Great post! New Year's resolutions can be so meaningful and so difficult at the same time. I really enjoy hearing people's resolutions. Thanks for sharing yours. I recently stumbled upon another blog like I stumbled upon yours and that I enjoyed: http://burisonthecouch.wordpress.com/2011/01/02/new-years-resolutions/

I look forward to reading more of yours. Thanks!

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