April 3, 2012

I am a liberal...

Here in Canada we have like 23 major political parties, and the top three are Liberal, New Democratic, and Conservative. The ruling Conservatives were formerly the Progressive Conservative Party, but they understandably changed their name now that there is not a fucking thing progressive about them.

And while yes, our system is flawed and filled with morons, we do often look southward in amazement at what the hell goes on down there in the good ol' US of A.

Politics everywhere seem to be getting crazier. Or maybe we just see and know more due to the internet and constant media coverage.

In all the western countries, most of the major parties have moved to the centre to get votes, and moved philosophies around to get votes, so that the meaning of "liberal" has been blurred to the point that I'm not sure what the word means today. And for many it seems to be a bad word. Hey, I don't embrace the word and I am totally liberal...

However, with this reminder of the accomplishments of liberals from commentator Lawrence O'Donnell, I'll wear the label proudly.