April 17, 2012

One Million Hateful Moms...

After failing to force JC Penney to fire out lesbian Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson, and failing to bully Toys-R-Us into pulling a gay Archie comic from its shelves, the anti-gay One Million Moms group has now targeted apparel retailer Urban Outfitters over a photo in its April catalog.

The pic is above. It's of two women kissing, and apparently is going to bring down civilization as we know it.

One Million Moms, which is apparently linked to the homophobic American Family Association, is urging its moms to email Urban Outfitters and demand that they stop the circulation of the catalog.

One Million Moms is demanding that an apology be mailed to every home that received the photo. Get a grip, you hateful crackpots. If you don't like the catalog, don't shop there -- that is democracy. If you don't like Ellen DeGeneres then it is your choice to not shop at that company, it is not your right to demand she be fired. And mailing out apologies? Who has ever done that? And don't you people owe humanity an effing apology?

As Ellen pointed out, for a group called "One Million Moms" you have like 46,000 Facebook fans... where's the rest of you?

Since the Ellen controversy, there's hundreds of funny and cool Facebook groups against you including my favourite, Four Million Moms and Dads Telling "One Million Moms" to SHUT UP! ... Good advice, hateful moms... take it!


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