January 26, 2012

The TV Doctor Will See You Now...

A real doctor would't dress like me, act like me, look like me...?

On the teen friendly CW network, there's a little show called Hart of Dixie, which I have never seen. It starts Rachel Bilson from The O.C., which I have never seen. Holy crap, I gotta watch more TV....

So Hart of Dixie, which I have posted video from before due to their insanely attractive cast, is about a glam New York Doctor who moves south to a small town and goes into culture shock. I think like a female Doc Hollywood kind of deal.

Showing humour and charm to spare (I so gotta try this show), Dixie star Rachel Bilson got in on the Funny or Die video fun, shooting a rap video “Call Me Doctor” with her Dixie co-stars Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel, who wrote and produced the track. And are easy on the eyes. (For the unfamiliar, funnyordie.com is where celebs cut loose with silly short films, with sometimes hysterical results).

Bilson goes full attitude in the clip with rhymes like “critics talking shit about my acting/ nice chick shtick ain’t happenin’” and an intro that directly confronts some of the criticism against the show: “A real doctor wouldn’t dress like me? Act like me? Look like me?…Aw, hell no!”

My favorite part may be when she takes on the “haters” who have mentioned that Bilson as a believable doctor may be a bit of a stretch. She has two words for you: “Doogie Howser.”

Clever stuff... Bring on the Hart of Dixie musical episode!


Kelley said...

Thanks for explaining funnyordie.com. I've wondered! Hart of Dixie sounds cute!

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