January 15, 2012

A Capella Moves Like Jagger...

Ignoring all hits by anyone named Katy or Britney, "the" pop song of last summer was likely Moves Like Jagger, by Maroon 5 with a cameo by Christina Aguilera.

I like this song a lot, and downloaded it to my running iPod. Liking it surprised me because it's from Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera.

What do I think of Maroon 5? I cannot name of a single one of their songs, though gotta admit lead singer Adam Levine is hot and his outspoken support for gay rights is admirable.

As for Christina Aguilera, she has an amazing voice but hasn't put out decent music since her jazzy Back to Basics album in 2006, and she has the worst fashion sense this side of Kelly Clarkson.

Yet I do love the song... at least I did until I came across this amazingly better version. It's an a capella cover by Jordan Campbell, a student at Toronto's Ryerson University. Mr Show-Off sings, hums, 'drums' and whistles through the song. Yep, the rest of us are talent-less losers.

According to Campbell's YouTube description, the song contained 50 different audio tracks and 76 video sequences. And I love the Brady Bunch esque visuals...


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