May 9, 2012

North Carolina Goes Backwards....


Yesterday the voters of North Carolina voted for Amendment One, which banned marriage equality (aka same-sex marriage) in the state. This measure also scrapped civil unions for gay and straight couples.

Pundits are saying this may also impact adoption rights, as well as health care and other benefits for same sex couples and their families. In addition to the basic rights involved, there was a spotlight on this one due to some celebrity wattage -- Bill Clinton campaigned against the amendment, Billy Graham in favour of it. This also gets extra attention as the media coverage grows over the vague marriage equality stance of the Obama administration.

As for North Carolina, the redneck stereotype lives on... this is where an amendment outlawing interracial marriage remained a part of the state constitution until 1971.

To the people of North Carolina, if any of you stumble across this blog, I have to ask... please explain how allowing marring equality would truly negatively impact your lives...? I mean, really? Then again, this is a state where it is still legal to marry your first cousin, and where there are no employment protection so people can be fired for being gay, no questions asked.

Hey North Carolina.... to the 40% who voted against this measure, thank you and job well done. For the rest of you, hey people, hate is not a family value, period. As this was abuzz online last night, here's my favourite tweet of the evening, from the actor and activist Mia Farrow: Oh North Carolina ---- the disappointment we feel now is nothing compared to the bewilderment and shame your children will feel. 

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