May 8, 2012

Dinosaur Farts, The Voice, John Travolta's Penis, And...

I have a laptop or iPad on my lap when watching TV. And usually a dog or two napping across my legs.

Last night during The Voice performance finale -- and by the way, amazing awesome fantastic duet on The Beatles' Yesterday, Adam and Tony -- I was on twitter. This is not unusual, ask my husband.

And for my own sanity and perspective, it's a good thing I peruse The Globe and Mail and Entertainment Weekly online, cuz in addition to all the Christina Aguilera bashing (okay I did some of that, she's such a bitch), here's the headlines a la twitter:

1- Re: 's horrible behavior tonight: WWWDS? What Would Walt Disney Say?   (yep had to include Christina bashing one...)

2- Stephen Colbert Is Very Afraid of Teens Drunk on Purell

3- Bishop Won't Let Group Publicly Honor Gay Student

4- Obama's Vague Gay Marriage Stance Under Scrutiny

5- Some of you people retweet the dumbest shit

6- The Winnipeg Jets are going to the Western Conference Final for the first time in franchise history! (uh, how did a sports one get in here....?)

Christina, Don't judge. Must we revisit your National Anthem situation, falling at the Grammys, etc etc?.... (yep, another one...)

8- Jon Stewart Has Some Questions for France

9- Who's reading Eugenides' "The Marriage Plot" and dying from every leaf and page of beauty therein? Me, that's who. 

10- Hillary Clinton Wants To See A Female U.S. President, Says It Won't Be Her

11- Selena Gomez & Ashley Benson talk breaking out of the 'good girl hold' (uh, problemo here, I don't know who Ashley Benson is...)

12- Dinosaur farts caused global warming in the Jurassic period

13- Lawsuit Alleges John Travolta's Penis Is 'Roughly Eight Inches' With 'Unkempt' Pubes (uh, thanks, I am gonna go vomit now....)

So yes this is a peek at who and what I follow on twitter.... pop culture, gay stuff, random sarcastic people... that's all perfectly normal, right?

Okay even if it isn't a normal view of the world -- and hell, what is normal anyway ---  this last one from comedian Andy Borowitz makes it all worthwhile:

In Romney's world, corporations are people, people are robots, and dogs are luggage.

Ha! Love that one!