January 13, 2012

Saved by the... Underwear?

I am a little older than the Saved By The Bell generation, but I remember being vaguely aware of the show when it was on, and since the 90s it has been on endlessly in syndication. Endlessly. And let's not mention their College Years series disaster. Fave factoid ---- I do sorta love that what's-her-name from Showgirls started there.

I remember becoming aware of Mario Lopez when he played Greg Louganis in the 90s, a pretty bold choice for him at the time. Okay, and from an 80s guest spot as a kid on The Golden Girls. That I have seen like thirty times.

Then Lopez disappeared off the face of the earth for about 15 years. Or at least off my radar. According to Google he has been acting on TV, writing fitness books, dancing on TV and Broadway, and doing some TV hosting all this time... who knew?

So it was very cool to see Lopez this week on gay mag The Advocate's website, coincidentally stripped down in his skivvies, talking about growing up, appreciating his gay fans, and yes selling his new line of underwear...

At what point in your career did you realize it wasn’t just girls who were swooning over you?
I probably realized it in my 20s. Maybe my late teens.

And in your experience, how are gay fans different from straight fans?
Gay fans are very loyal. And very cool. I’m honored to be embraced by the gay community. They’re the smartest and the hippest. They determine what’s hot out there.

Well said... and Lopez is nearing 40, and holy crap look at those abs!

The tagline for the underwear line is For Men And Their Very Special Guests. That's kind of clever actually...


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