February 14, 2012

Dear Grammy Producers...

Dear Grammy Producers,

Congratulations on Sunday's show. I understand it was your biggest ratings success in 20 years, and in the TV biz that is golden... woo hoo!

I enjoy award shows, even crappy ones, and this was a good one overall. Plus doing the live tweeting thing during the show was fun to read and to write, and brought a sense of community to the whole thing for me. Very fun.

You were thrown a curve ball by the unexpected tragic death of Whitney Houston, and I thought you handled it elegantly, from the prayer by host LL Cool J (and this coming from a guy who doesn't pray), and then to the remarkable emotional tribute performance by Jennifer Hudson.

I love Adele, love her album, loved her performance, love that she won six -- count 'em, SIX -- Grammys. Good call. Bruno Mars was joyous. I also liked Paul McCartney's performance even though he looked like an over-the-hill waiter, and the Springsteen open was awesome.

As for the Nicki Minaj Madonna-wannabe performance, well it was a car crash, but we have one of those each year, so why the hell not.

But.. and this is a big BUT... what the fuck is up with Chris Brown? Forgetting the fact that I think he is talentless homophobic hack, you gave him two performances! So you made the conscious decision that he gets more air time than Whitney or Adele. Huh?

Oh, and you gave him a Grammy for best R&B album. This for the same Chris Brown who three years ago, on Grammy night no less, beat the living shit out of his girlfriend, sending her to hospital. Then made all kinds of excuses about it, portraying himself as a victim. Google the pics, they are disturbing beyond description.

I am all for giving people second chances, but maybe he should do the contrition before we do the forgive and forget? You just anointed him a prince of the music business. And if you think he is gonna be classy about it, think again. Twitter was all over this one, during the awards and since, for and against Chris Brown, and then this is what Mr Congeniality tweeted:

The guy is a douchebag. And now, a Grammy-winning douchebag...


Lost.in.Idaho said...


Twenty plus years ago, he would have been black-balled out of the industry and never heard from again. Instead, he's revered.

What... The hell....

Marymac said...

I love you. Best recap post evah.

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