March 8, 2012

You Are What You Tweet...

I was sucker punched this week. Scammed. Ripped off. Taken advantage of... like that time in sixth grade when that greasy kid knocked me down and stole my Pop Tart. But without the gourmet toaster pastries.

My twitter account was hacked, and a message sent out to many tweety friends saying "Click here to see what people are saying about you" and then a click-through to some nefarious soul-sucking website... (Santorum?). Okay I don't know what it was for, but it has to be bad, right?

To be clear, I was scammed and people were inconvenienced. It was unsettling, not earth-shattering. This is not a crazy Kim Novak rant (she is the untethered old actress who accused The Artist of "rape" for using Hitchcock's music in their score). Life goes one.

To celebs like Scarlett Johanssen who have been hacked and had nude pics sent out on the interweb, I feel a little more empathy for you. Only a little though, cuz if you didn't take nude pics on your phone, there would be nothing to be hacked.

To the organizations that have been hacked, like NBC and Fox News, I feel more empathy for you as well. Okay, not Fox News... screw you and the horse you rode in on.

Why would someone hack me? To sell stuff? Promote gambling sites or porn? Spread a virus? Just for kicks? Mystery to me.

Aren't there people more deserving of hacking? Romney? Newt? ...Kirk Cameron?

So it was annoying. And I changed my password on every fucking thing I have, including at work. And I discovered that is a hell if a lot of passwords.

Most people who got my fake direct message tweet were kind, tweeting or direct messaging to ask if was really me or to let me know was a scam.

Then out of the blue, some woman who I do not know sent me a message that said "Good try to scam me, you ASSHOLE!"

Uh... what? It was already a stressful evening, and I need that to upset me even more? Hey lady... you are what you tweet.