March 17, 2012

Oprah Cancels Rosie & More TV Crapola...

I love my TV, especially The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory, and yet the more I watch TV the more I am convinced that the people who run the networks are just morons. Some thoughts...

1- The Oprah Winfrey Network has cancelled the Rosie O'Donnell show after just five months. The show was flawed and inconsistent in entertainment value, however Rosie is a gem and Oprah knows a little something about talk shows... why not fix it and give it more time?

2- The new season of Dancing With the Stars starts this week and features such luminaries as Mery Streep and Julia Roberts. I'm kidding, they wouldn't touch that crap. It features Roshon Fegan, who like you I have never heard of, The View's resident homophobic nitwit Sherri Shepherd, and assorted nobodies. Count me out.

3- The court case of Nicollette Sheridan versus her former bosses at Desperate Housewives has violence, money, lying, and fab clothes... if the show were this good I would still be watching!

4- Now that The Oprah Winfrey Show has left the airwaves, the Dr Phil show is the number one syndicated show... on the upside, it's better than Jerry Springer.

5- The big screen version of 21 Jump Street hit theatres this week, and is actually getting good reviews... who saw that coming?

6- Oscar winner Adrien Brody is doing TV commercials for Gillette razors... oh dude, I'm so sorry it's gotten that bad.

7- Some chick who was fired from The Talk last summer took to twitter to claim it was because cohost Sharon Osbourne hated her. Hey, Leah Remini, it was last summer, if you had an issue then why not take it up then? And Sharon Osbourne lives with Ozzy and Kelly and all the other wack-a-doodle Osbournes... she is used to batshit crazy, I would think she loves you!

8- The Big Bang Theory wasn't on this week, as it was pre-empted by a basketball game. Good call folks, cuz yep that's the same effing demographic....

What's caught your attention on TV recently?