January 2, 2012

New Year's... Evolutions?

I love lists. I love making them, and especially love checking things off and feeling that sense of accomplishment. I used to obsess over New Year's resolutions, with themes, timelines, sub-topics, etc. Then I realised was how geeky this was, and that I was spending too much time creating the damn lists and not enough time actually getting shit done.

With the best of intentions, this process was a way to focus on my failures of the past year, beat myself up for awhile, and then start the process all over again. So yep, action-packed but not really healthy.

I have read where people talk about New Year's resolutions as being a set-up to fail, so they come up with anti-resolutions ("eat more chocolate"), or theme words ("my year of integrity!"), or just condemn the whole process. Or they get cutesy and use New Year's Revolutions instead (too militaristic), or New Year's Evolutions (hey, I like that one, talks about steady growth).

Evolving and growing are important. Goal setting and having a plan is important. The truth is, we don't have to wait for New Year's to reinvent ourselves, we can do that anytime. I know it's true because (a) it's hugely obvious, and (2) Kim Kardashian tweeted about it this weekend. Yes, really.

According to Psychology Today, 50% of North Americans make New Year's Resolutions. 22% fail after one week, 50% fail in 6 months, 81% fail eventually. Crap oh crap.

The most popular resolutions are to quit smoking and to decrease alcohol consumption. I don't smoke or drink, so woo hoo, mission accomplished, I am done! Or maybe not...

I like goals, and I think I need them. So I did what every calm thinking rational person would do... I surrendered to the power of the Google, found a random resolution generator (www.moninavelarde.com/newyears/), and left it up to the fates. So here are my randomly chosen yet totally sincere 2012 New Year's Resolutions...
1- avoid drama
2- meditate
3- knit a scarf
4- plant a tree or two or three
5- learn to cope
6- make a paper collage
7- be a rock star
8- look up at the sky
9- learn to tie a tie (hey, I do that five days a week...)
10- get a piercing

In the spirit of New Year's honesty, I admit that the generator also threw in "Believe" (yep, do that) and "go camping" (not gonna, and you can't make me).

Ah, screw that brilliant randomness. Let's go with evolutions and work on the continual journey to be a better me. And yes I know how Oprah-esque that sounds. Crap oh crap.

So, drumroll please, here are the closest I am getting to New Year's Evolutions...
1- be a better husband and friend
2- avoid all Twilight movies
3- not use “password” as my password
4- do that yoga thing (hey, once was great, maybe the second will be also)
5- watch every episode of The Big Bang Theory on every channel in every time slot just in case I have missed an episode
6- avoid Larry the Cable Guy on TV... and in real life.
7- give back: figure out my next charity or community involvement
8- use that shiny new treadmill we bought at least four days a week and take off that extra 15 pounds the Oreo aliens snuck in at night and attached to my body....

Wish me luck... and what are your New Year's Resolutions (or Evolutions)?


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