October 18, 2013

Binge-Watching TV Is The New Black...

We are all busy ----- I know I am with life, work, travel, adoring the world's cutest canine, reading all those Sue Grafton books, and trying to hit that treadmill on a regular basis; this is mostly good, however it does tend to interfere with important TV viewing.

With the advent of DVD sets, Video-on-Demand, Netflix, PVR's, and the internet, we can pretty much watch TV when we want to now, and the new thing seems to be "binge watching" a series --- watching multiple episodes back to back, from several in a row to a full season or series overloaded into a single weekend.

There are some series I love and watch regularly, on TV and online, such as The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife.

Then there are shows that I have not watched before, or do not watch regularly, and then catch up on in binge viewing.

I am currently wrapping up season 2 of Scandal, 22 episodes of the crazy political soap crammed into about two weeks, and loving it... and good TV series, of which there are many, tend to be way better than most of the crappy moves out there.

I have also binge watched Homeland, House of Cards, Veep, the Dallas reboot, the early seasons of Bones, and Bitter Is The New Black.

Now with Netflix doing original series, and releasing a whole season at a time on the internet, they are creating series designed for binge watching...  House of Cards came out all at once, and I watched all 13 episodes in a weekend. And LOVED it.

There is more to come... I have yet to see any of Breaking Bad, all of which are on Netflix, and I just discovered the uber cool series Orphan Black and watched the first four episodes on an airplane -- now I have a season to catch up on!

What do you binge watch?