October 9, 2013

... that time on The Talk

We are on vacation in sunny California, seeing the sites, being tourists, checking out beautiful places like Newport Beach, doing some shopping, enjoying the gorgeous weather, heading to the Getty art centre, reading and relaxing just like we wanted to.

Today was our first rainy day, and as it tuns out the day we had tickets to see a taping of The Talk.

We were among the few out-of-towners -- and yes the few men -- there, and folks it takes way longer than an hour to be in the audience for an hour-long show; there are hours before, plus they filmed two other bits after the show, and then we had to line up to get our gifts afterwards. And yes gifts are good.

Aside from acting like we care even remotely about anything Kardashian, the taping was fun -- the chat parts are light and gossipy, actor Blair Underwood was charming promoting his dud show Ironside, some guy I have never heard of (Terrence J) was promoting his book about his mother.

It is Sharon Osborne's birthday so we all got gifts that were allegedly what they gave her - a cell phone, a terry robe, a gift certificate for jewellery, a spa certificate, a tea gift certificate, a bag of CoverGirl cosmetics. And that damn book by the dude I have never heard of, who is apparently an actor and TV host (I think our server at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday was an actor and host...). 

There were some surprises... Aisha Tyler is glam and gorgeous, Sara Gilbert is scary skinny (no wonder she always looks so glum, must be hungry), they change the Talk table during every break (not the settings, the actual table top), host comedian Billy was raunchy and funny, and unlike Jay Leno who at his show is approachable  and interactive, the hosts on The Talk wave briefly at the audience and then laser focus on the army of makeup artists that swarm them during every break.

Most surprising... the waiver we all had to sign before the show; note only did we agree for our images to be used in the audience, and promise not to sue if anything went wrong, we also signed that we acknowledge the hosts' advice is not therapy or treatment, that during the talk-show format I may be "surprised, angry, disappointed, embarrassed and or otherwise emotionally upset or distressed", and that they can use our images "for any use throughout the universe"... hello Houston, do we have The Talk in outer space? If so I really should have shaved for my interstellar debut...