July 8, 2012

Best Book Of The Year...

With 2012 half over, of all the books I have read so far, one truly stands out. It is smart and funny and touching and true.

Most shocking is that my favourite book of the year (okay, favourite of the year so far...) is a parenting memoir. Yep, parenting, a topic which really does not interest me all that much (and by "all that much" I mean "not one little bit"...)

The book is does this baby make me look straight? by actor and author Dan Bucatinsky, who you may know from All Over The Guy, Under The Tuscan Sun, Web Therapy, and a ton of TV guest shots including Friends and Grey's Anatomy.

Does this baby make me look straight? is about Bucatinsky meeting his husband and adopting two children; it's filled with funny and touching stories about family, career, the adoption process, shopping for patio sets, toilet training, and a Toddlers and Tiaras themed kids'  party. Oh, and contemplating group sex and shaving his balls.

I am guessing it is relatable for any and all parents; as an outsider to the parenting world I found it entertaining and honest,  like I was observing the parenting world of newborns from behind glass, which is definitely as close as I should get.

There are also gay-specifc and very funny stories, from coming out to the nannies he is hanging out with at the park, to the super-trendy straight parents who decide they want token gay friends... but those friends can't be too gay. Yep, that one doesn't go too well. And I laughed out loud.

Bucatinsky is sufficiently neurotic to make the book light and fun... is he a good parent? Is he a good husband? Has he gained ten pounds while looking the other way?

As Bucatinsky is becoming a father he loses his own father, and there are touching insights on growing up and feeling like a man rather than a boy.

Does this baby make me look straight? is ultimately about becoming yourself and building a family. I related to that, and to the feelings in the book. Does this baby make me look straight? is warm and funny and perceptive. Read it.