November 29, 2012

Puppy Swallows Earring....

There is never a dull moment with a puppy in the house!

The cute little guy in the picture is Alfie's new little brother, Anderson Quinn, who we brought home two weekends ago at the ripe old age of ten weeks.

Anderson is lovable, spirited, curious as hell, unclear on where the bathroom actually resides, sweet and fun. Follows Alfie around. Love to play, loves to eat, loves to chew... especially loves to chew.

On Saturday night, yes six days after we brought the little dude home, we had out first outing with him... to the 24-hour emergency animal hospital.

We were getting ready to head out to a friend's birthday party (Happy 40th, not that we are supposed to mention that). K was cuddling with Anderson, and the little guy went into explore/chew/discover mode and swallowed K's earring. Whole. Oops.

K called the animal hospital who said bring him in. So the four of us trekked there. Stressful...  will he be ok? Can he puke or poop this out? Will the earring do damage to his insides? Holy crap will we have to do surgery on such a young puppy? I thought we were really good pet parents and this happened in week one?  Yikes we are in for a lifetime of adventures and misadventures with Mr Beagle...

Got to hospital, doc was great, they were going to induce vomiting and took Anderson to the back room. We hard him squeal, which it turns out was for the rubbing alcohol dabbed onto his leg, cuz it was chilly. Awww... Wimp.

So they used a needle to induce vomiting, and every fucking thing came out, including his dinner and the notorious earring. YAY puke.

Here are 5 thoughts from our Saturday night adventure:

1- We love the little guy already, is family and would have felt the same if it have been six years here rather than six days.

2-  The doctor warned us the little dude would be sleepy for hours due to the sedative... didn't happen. He was his energetic self by the time we got home... Anderson's energy level is so high, traditional sedatives do not work on him. Oops.

3- He is a walking chewing garburator, hello Christmas ornaments hanging low on the tree...

4- After poop all day and pee all day, we then pay someone to make him puke... what is weird with this picture?

5- Nothing - NOTHING - slows down this guy's appetite....