February 10, 2013

... and a dog named Hitler?

We live in Edmonton, a beautiful northern city of just over a million people. Sure it's covered in snow most if the year, but this rest of the time it is sunny and green and friendly to families and pets and runners and... oh yeah, the people are nuts.

A recent article in The Edmonton Journal gave dog statistics for our city: there are 69,000 licensed dogs in the city, so assuming two out of three are licensed, we have one dog for every eleven people; we have 40 off-leash parks, a dog license is $35 while the fine for not licensing your dog is $250, and there is a limit of three dogs and six cats per household.

There is interesting info to glean from the dog licenses:

The top five breeds in the city are Shi Tzu, Labrador Retriever, German Shepherd, Bichon Frise, and Border Collie.

Our top five dog names in the city are Buddy, Max, Molly, Bailey, and Bella -- so not a whole lot of originality there, and not overly proud of the Twilight twist with Bella.

While we named our dogs with human names as they are our kids (Alfred, Anderson) some people were more adventurous....

Other dog name themes include food (Taco, Popcorn), alcohol (Whisky, Merlot), places (Paris, India), famous dogs (Benji, Snoopy) and celebrities (Oprah, Elvis).

There are also a couple of big FAIL dog names here in Edmonton... we have one dog named Mel Gibson, and two dogs named Hitler. What the fuck, dog-naming people?

Okay some people are morons... doesn't matter I guess, because here are the two cutest dogs in Edmonton: