December 13, 2013

Most Fascinating!

Barbara Walters just announced her most fascinating people list of 2013, and as usual it's a testament to her senility.

Here are highlights of her list - Edward Snowden, Jennifer Lawrence, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Prince George, those Duck Dynasty people, Robin Roberts, Miley Cyrus, and a #1 "most fascinating" to be named next week.

Knowing this is not a popularity contest, it is one person's take on most fascinating, still… Kimye?

In no particular order, here is my Kardashian and Kanye free list, cuz they are many things but not really that fascinating…

1- Miley Cyrus - a child star gone wild, Miley showed us that it is not Gaga who is the next Madonna, is the artist formerly known as Hanna Montana -- onstage antics, vulgar dance moves, outspoken opinions backed up by acclaimed and successful music. She got everyone talking, and her music outshone Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

2- Disgraced Canadian Senators Mike Duffy and Pamela Wallin -- as crooked unelected politicians they represent so many others who are narcissistic and think they are above the law... and may bring in a new era of transparency and accountability.

3- Jennifer Lawrence - great actress, got an Oscar this year and ruled the box office with The Hunger Games movies, is outspoken and smart and fun and a new unscripted 'real' type of superstar.

4- Vladimir Putin - for the anti-gay laws he enacted and the violence he condoned, a reminder of the cruelty in our world towards anyone who is different. And the need for everyone to evolve.

5- Diver Tom Daley - at age 19 is honest and brave, and his coming out got the world talking -- both positive and very negative.

6- Pope Francis - for bringing the church beyond the age of the Inquisition and showing us that religion is about love not hate. There's a reason the conservative wing of the Republicans hate this guy.

7- Diana Nyad - out swimmer who showed us to never give up -- in 2013 on her fifth attempt and at age 64, she became the first person confirmed to swim from  Cuba to Florida without the protection of a shark cage.  

8- Alec Baldwin - the talented actor saw 30 Rock end, had a new baby, and went on two separate homophobic rants, despite being an ally of the community - whether a generational anger management issue, or whatever, he got us talking about liberals and homophobia -- and saw his MSNBC talk show cancelled after two weeks.

9- Jeff Bezos and his Amazon drones - cuz the idea is creepy and awesome.

10- Rob Ford - Toronto's alcoholic crack-addicted lying mayor is a high profile train wreck and national disaster… and showing the world that Canada's not so boring after all!