February 11, 2014

Morons Mocking Marriage...

I am usually all for silliness and wackiness and the mocking of authority, however this one totally hit me the wrong way.

Last week while on a quick business trip to Calgary I was radio surfing and stumbled across these idiots...

A Calgary radio station whose call numbers are 90.3 are having a Valentine's Day contest for "The 90.3 Hour Marriage": 

Enter the contest, marry a total stranger on Valentine's Day, hop a plane with your new spouse to spend a weekend in Vancouver including seeing the Miley Cyrus concert, come back to Calgary and get a divorce… assuming one or both of you want a divorce, and really what are the odds?

Ah poor Miley… and poor marriage. Both are getting twerked here.

Maybe I am sensitive about the seriousness of marriage cuz I waited til I was in my 40s to get hitched, or maybe because I am in a same-sex marriage and very conscious of how rare and precious that still is, or maybe just because I am a grown fucking adult who is not Billy Bob Thornton, however this is nuts… and stupid and disrespectful and giving the entirely wrong message to everyone.

So people have an issue with gays getting married, but THIS is ok? That is fucked up.

And yes people are entering this contest. A lot of them. Morons.

You can read more on the station's website… but please don't enter the contest: 
Calgary Amp Radio