March 9, 2014

We Went To Antarctica! (...Part 1)

I would call it the trip of a lifetime, but something tells me we will be going back…!

Last week we came back from the bucket list vacation, a 15-day cruise to Antarctica, starting and returning from Buenos Aires, with stops in Argentina (Ushuaia), Uruguay, and the Falklands Islands.

We saw amazing landscapes, met fun and interesting people, had some really great food… and had a bit more of an adventure than planned… this is a ship equipped with barf bags!

Ice ice baby…. as the weather there is severe and volatile, rough weather in Antarctica (39 foot waves, holy crap) forced a couple of changes in itinerary. We did not hit that storm, though did have a couple of rough days and nights (I popped a seasick pill or five), and some of our planned excursions ---  such as the penguin rookery visit --- were cancelled as we went to different places on different days than originally planned.

Antarctica is breathaking… the highest windiest driest coldest place on earth, it is technically a desert as does not get rain… and while no humans live there, it has tons of wildlife due to the rich oceans.

This was an amazing trip! Over the next couple of years as we explore the world more, and K builds his travel business with a cruising speciality, we are headed to Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, and then who knows where….

Pics are below, and of course do not do the real experience justice… we were jaw-dropped awe-struck more than once…