May 6, 2014

Listen To The Squawking Chicken...

I have been an avid reader since I was a kid -- fiction, histories, business books, auto-biographies, almost everything except war stuff. And while I am always waiting eagerly for the next Sue Grafton mystery, I am currently on an autobiography frenzy, and last week's read was Elaine Lui's Listen To The Squawking Chicken.

Elaine Lui is a social media icon in Canada -- blogging as "Lainey" at, appearing on E-talk television (our low rent version of Entertainment Tonight) and co-hosting The Social (our low-rent version of The View). Lainey is always a hoot -- she is smart and fast and funny and bitchy and totally awesome.

And while Lainey is fast and funny and bitchy, I excepted the same from her autobiography. I was wrong. While Squawking Chicken is interesting and fascinating, it is not funny or bitchy... it is more passive and dysfunctional, like a Chinese-Canadian traffic accident I could not look away from.

Lainey's "Squawking Chicken" is her overbearing mother, who she lived away from for many years and who was -- and apparently still is --- controlling, judgemental and dictatorial. Lainey talks about being "feng shui blackmailed" and "shamed" through her life.

Laine has lived an interesting life and -- as she always does - has interesting stories to tell. She seems to know that her mother's behaviour is abnormal and controlling and socially unacceptable and yet she accepts and somehow condones it. Weird. Interesting to read though.

My issue with the story -- not the book, which I zoomed through, but the story itself -- is that strong outspoken Lainey has a Stockholm Syndrome-y thing going on when it comes to justifying her mother's behaviour. She rationalizes the Squawking Chicken's humiliating remarks, excessive meddling, demands for money, over-the-top control, imposition of superstitious beliefs, and  condemning attitude towards everyone. The woman is damaged and mean.

I guess all families are weird in their own way, and Lainey's is not an exception. While this dysfunction is disturbing, Lainey is a strong writer and her story is interesting to read about... now bring on the next book, Lainey, and make it dishy and funny!