February 1, 2015

'Boys Kissing' School Controversy...

Interesting news story from here in calm quiet Edmonton...

The student-painted mural above was put up in a local high school, with prior approval by the school principle and art teacher. Then the school got complaints and covered the mural up.

Would there be complaints if it was a boy and girl kissing... would the school have covered the mural up if was a boy and girl... so, homophobic much?

  1. Kaela Wilton, a 16-year-old student at Onoway Jr/Sr High School, said she designed the mural to show support for gay people, including those who are afraid to come out.
  2. The school says it has yet to decide what to do next.  Here's a suggestion... ignore the haters. You are a place of education, now's your chance to teach diversity and tolerance.