August 19, 2012

Everything I Never Knew I Wanted...

Tonight we saw our first show of the season at the Edmonton Fringe Festival.

The Fringe Festival is HUGE here ... it is the largest and longest-running fringe theatre festival in North America, and will sell over 100,000 tickets this year. It is second largest fringe theatre festival in the world after Edinburgh.  HUGE.

The show we saw was Everything I Never Knew I Wanted, a one-woman show about hope and life and career and bad dates and bad jobs and growing up. It was not a random choice, as that one woman is my cousin Stacey.

While Stacey and I adore each other, we live far apart and haven't seen each other in years. We reunited last week, along with my husband and her director, over Greek food and belly dancing. It was an awesome evening.

In Everything I Never Knew I Wanted Stacey remixes and remasters stories from her life, from childhood to career and romance.  She plays 21 characters and a whale. For the record, I heart the whale boots (see the show, you will know what I mean).

I don't look back much on my life, but Stacy looks back on hers here and it is funny and touching and yes like all of us she has quite the life to look back on... at one point, one of the characters says that character "Stacey" has had 60 jobs and dated 100 men and hasn't found happiness... yet.

We saw this show with two friends, and all four of saw flashes of our own lives on stage. And laughed out loud many times. And admired Stacey's bravery and skill. She is at the fringe all week until Saturday, if you are in Edmonton check it out.

And as many of the characters are my extended family, but their names have been changed, I am still trying to figure out who the wild wacky aunt really is....