August 22, 2012

Michael Phelps, Louis Vuitton... Fail?

All-time Olympic champion Michael Phelps has just released an ad for luxury leather goods maker Louis Vuitton, photographed by superstar photographer Annie Leibowitz.

Phelps is at the top of the world again after the recent London Olympics... Leibowitz is considered best of the best celebrity photographers... Vuitton has featured everyone from Angelina Jolie to Jennifer Lopez to Mikhail Gorbachev in their advertising campaigns... and yet, meh...

I love Vuitton (who doesn't) and admire Phelps,  but this one doesn't work for me... the swimsuit in a bathtub is wonky, his body looks 37 feet long, the stare is psycho rather than sexy, and hey advertising wizards, we need to see more of the bag!

Do you think this works?