June 27, 2013

Bye Bye DOMA, Hello Marriage Equality!

Google goes gay on a very historic day...

The Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional, 
marriage equality is on its way back in California... 
two huge steps forward!

I am a huge fan of marriage equality -- heck, I am gay married to a wonderful guy -- and this is an exciting day, not just for us gay married folk, but for everyone because that is what equality is all about!

Come celeb twitter reactions:

"Big news from the Supreme Court. Goodbye #DOMA #Prop8. Hello #equality." —@BenAffleck

"DOMA-it-just-lost-O Mr. Roboto! So, so happy for Edie, et al." — @ActuallyNPH (Neil Patrick Harris)

"Very pleased about the Supreme Courts rulings today on DOMA and gay marriage in CA." —@WilliamShatner

"You're damn right DOMA is unconstitutional!! #equalitymatters" — @IMKristenBell

"#PROP8 IS GONE! #DOMA IS GONE! #SCOTUS #LoveIsLove" — @ricky_martin

"It's a supremely wonderful day for equality. Prop 8 is over, and so is DOMA. Congratulations everyone. And I mean everyone." — @TheEllenShow

"I'm so happy about today's decision I could kiss a man!  — @JohnStamos

"We stand tall today.#DomaStruckDown So many fought for so long. Be proud, the prejudice are now the minority.   — @ladygaga

"Any straight person complaining about the Supreme Court striking down DOMA should be forced to hire a heterosexual wedding planner." — @Joan_Rivers

oh yeah, and this...