June 23, 2013

Man Up With Ross Mathews!

Sometimes I discover a book that changes me, enlightens me, makes me think of things in a new way... Ross Mathews' Man Up! is not one of those books.  It is however sweet and fun and funny, and I highly recommend it as a summer read.

For the uninitiated, Ross Mathews is a mid-level reality TV celebrity, sort of like the Kardashian's, only way less annoying and way more gay. Okay slightly more gay. And he is BFF's with Chelsea Handler and Gwyneth Paltrow, at least one of whom is really likable.

Mathews was a chubby gay kid in a small town, who was an outcast and funny and pop-culture obsessed. As a kid he loved both Little Debbie and Debbie Gibson, and Man Up! is the tale of growing up, coming out, and crashing his way into show biz from super-fan to TV personality.

Man Up! is a comedic memoir, and there are no real tales of woe hear -- it is a light read, more charm than content, and Mathews' squeal-infused voice comes through loud and clear. He is a fun snarky show-biz obsessed geek. If you like him as "Ross The Intern" with Jay Leno, or guest hosting on Chelsea Handler's show, you will like him here.

Mathews has a big heart and a potty mouth, and while if you look for them, there are some positive lessons about following your dream and being yourself -- yep, knew that already -- there is nothing serious or preachy here. I smiled right throughout this happy fluffy book, and laughed out loud several times. Great weekend or vacation read.

Oh yeah, he outs Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, in a kind way....