July 14, 2013

Injured Puppy: Top Ten Rules....

Now that Alfred is in recovery mode for the next eight weeks, we (okay, I) have had to cut back on the spoiling a tad... so here is the new sign posted in our house... and, yes, we are doing pretty well so far:
Alfred Recovery: 
Reminders for all of us 
(... especially Brahm)

  1. July 10 to 23 is bed rest: is about Alfred's recovery, not his happiness 
  2. Keep immobilized - not to walk, stand on injured leg as can mess with ‘clamp’ sutures in there for 2 weeks by damage or infection
  3. Bathroom breaks: put on short leash to keep control, carry downstairs, place on grass so can go with minimal movement, carry back in (if one person doing this, we can scoop later)
  4. Alfie needs to be controlled so bed rest like -- In kennel or in arms
  5. Keep cone on to prevent Alfred from touching leg or eye (yes he keeps trying)
  6. For Alfie to eat, drink support his body and adjust/hold cone so has access
  7. No walking no stairs etc
  8. Be mindful of Anderson 
  9. Kennel time with cone is good thing... that is his bed, this is bed rest time. 
  10. Drugs: 4 in morning, 3 at night: incl 2 pills, 1 liquid (morning only), 1 cream to apply