July 1, 2013

Holy Crap, It's Canada Day!

July 1 is Canada Day, the national day of Canada, a federal holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, British North America Act which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.  Originally called Dominion Daythe holiday was renamed in 1982, when the Canada Act was passed. 

To help pass the lazy day when we are off work, here is some Canada trivia...

1- Degrassi is the longest running Canadian TV show; it passed The Beachcombers last year.

2- Winnipeg is the coldest city in Canada. And it is really effing cold. Been there, done that...

3- Basketball was invented by a Canadian.

4- Celine Dion is the bestselling Canadian music act, having sold over 200 million albums. I preferred 80s Canadian pop singer Luba, what the hell happened to her?

5- Justin Beiber is Canadian but currently lives in California. You can keep him.

6- Canada is home to the world's largest pysanky (Ukrainian Easter egg). I've driven past it, is silly big.

7- Canada is the second largest country in the world, and with a relatively small population has one of the lowest population densities.

8- The Blackberry is Canadian. iPhone not. I have both (gadgets, gadgets, gadgets).

9- One word: poutine. Food or not food?

10- When I googled "famous gay Canadians" I got a list of Rufus Wainright, Brian Orser, a former porn star, and a bunch of people I have never heard of...

11- Canada has two national sports: hockey, and, yes, lacrosse.

12- Canada covers six time zones, and I am apparently in none of them, as the TV listings in Alberta are all fucked up and everything shows an hour late. Or two hours early on time shifting.

13- We have two national symbols, the beaver and the maple leaf. There has gotta be a porn title in there somewhere, no?

14- Same-sex marriage has been legal in most Canadian provinces since 2003, and nationally since 2005.

15- Cherry Blossom candy is available only in Canada.

That's all for now folks... Happy Canada Day!