October 4, 2015

Fall TV: Good TV, Bad TV...

The cold weather is creeping up on us, kids are back in school, the summer of sunshine and outdoor exercise is over... it's Fall TV Season!

Despite the reinvention of TV with players like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu (the latter not in Canada, so no Mindy Project here anymore, dammit...) the big networks still do all their big launches in the fall to cash in on increased viewership.

While I am enjoying or awaiting the arrivals of many old favourites like The Big Bang Theory, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder, and The Good Wife, have also checked out several of the new shows. Here's my first impressions... let me know what you are watching and liking:

The Good

Mysterious woman with amnesia and super spy skills just appears, entire body covered in tattoos each of which is a clue to something.... sure it makes no sense, but its entertaining as hell with strong actors who make me want to watch more.

A soapy spy thriller with a strong female lead --- sure it's a Shonda Rhimes rip off, but still may have legs...

Scream Queens
The bitchy stepdaughter of Glee and American Horror Story... needs a bit more funny, but this next generation Heathers is lots of fun.

John Stamos as John Stamos, with a surprise son and granddaughter... gets the blend of sweet and funny just right. Liked the pilot more than expected to.

The Bad

The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
Sure they are impossible Jon Stewart shoes to fill, but based on the first week Noah needs more funny and less smug, plus better interview skills... Colbert and Seth Myers are doing the same gig way better.

Life In Pieces
All star comedy with the prime perch right after Big Bang... and I literally fell asleep during the first episode. Boring...

Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris
I like the super-talented NPH a lot, but this weird variety show is clunky and unfunny. And has a weird stalking thing going on.

The Really Bad

Minority Report
Bad sci-fi, this next generation spin off to the Tom Cruise movie is predictable, not suspenseful, and the premiere spent more time zooming in on the female lead's boobs than it did ensuring had a decent plot. Garbage.

Another sci-fi movie spin-off, this one to a mediocre Bradley Cooper movie about a pill that enhances your brain power. Based on the pilot, Limitless is just a low budget retread of the movie... so why did they bother?

Still to check out -- Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Blood & Oil, the new Muppets... what are you watching?