August 1, 2013

Bad Sequels Wear Prada...

I loved the bubbly bitchy 2003 novel The Devil Wears Prada, and beyond loved the 2006 film version with Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt, so when I heard the sequel was coming I pre-orderd it right away.

Months later Revenge Wears Prada arrived, I started to zoom through it, and stalled for a couple of weeks. Then I finished it off, just for the sake of finishing it off. And all i can say is... "meh".

For her next book, I suggest author Lauren Weisberger write a book on how to destroy your brand. Cuz she has done the research.

Or here are some better ideas she could start with for a sequel, based on Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns:

1- If your title character - and most fascinating player -- Miranda Priestly, aka the fashion devil, becomes somewhat iconic in pop culture, have her appear in more than three very brief cameos in the back half of the book. Meryl Streep ain't gonna go for that role in a movie.

2- Do not take your least interesting character, Andy the insecure intern, make her ten years older, rich and in love and successful and happy and yet still whiny and insecure, it's annoying when your lead character is both boring and unlikeable.

3- If you have Revenge in the title of your book, have some revenge - or nastiness or drama of some kind -- inside said book.

4- If you have Prada in the title of your book, maybe have something to do with the fashion industry inside your book...

3- Novels don't have to be logical, but avoid awkward time jumps, bad magazine titles (The Plunge sounds like a plumbers' journal not a glossy bridal magazine), and if your lead character is suffering PTSD ten years after leaving a bad boss, get her some frigging therapy...

Summer reads should be fluffy and fun, not slow and whiny... for a more fun breezy read, skip the dull devil and try Lauren Graham's Someday Someday Maybe.

Someone is not impressed... That's all!