August 26, 2013

Simple Dreams: Loving Linda Ronstadt...

Over the weekend rock queen Linda Ronstadt revealed she has Parkinson's and can no longer sing.

Growing up in the 70s as a music-loving kid, Linda Ronstadt's California country rock was everywhere to me, along with the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, and that is still the music I love best today.

She has had 38 "Top 100" hits, won 11 Grammys, and sold over 100 million albums with songs like It's So Easy, Mad Love, Blue Bayou, You're No Good, Don't Know Much, Hurt So Bad, Heart Like A Wheel, and Poor Poor Pitiful Me. 

Then in the 80s Ronstadt strayed into Trio (with Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris), and big band and soundtracks and mariachi, and I followed her all those places, and then later in her career she had lesser known albums like Winter Light, that was some of her best music.

Ronstadt's autobiography Simple Dreams - A Musical Memoir comes out next month and apparently will not cover her Parkinson's and loss of voice. which she only discovered this year. I'll sure be reading it... and pulling out my Cry Like A Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind CD. 

Sending lots of love the rock songbird's way....