November 3, 2013

Should A Gay News Anchor Host In Russia?

As the Sochi Olympics get closer, the discussions continue about how athletes and businesses should react to the country's new hateful anti-gay laws and especially the recent anti-gay violence in that country.

But this is about more than the Olympics, politics and business --- there are other big stakes here, people... beauty pageants!

This year the Miss Universe beauty pageant (oh, why do these things still exist...?) is being held in Russia, and the Miss Universe organization, which is owned by Donald Trump (oh, why do these morons still exist...?) has ignored calls to change that.

Last year the pageant --- which, shockingly, I do not watch -- was hosted by American TV personalities Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic.

Both Cohen and Rancic were due to host again this year, and then the openly gay Cohen dropped out, saying he does not feel safe travelling to Russia. I thought it was a cool move, as it redirected the spotlight on Russia's laws.

Then the pageant people announced a surprising replacement... Thomas Roberts, an openly gay news and entertainment reporter.

Why would another openly gay man step into this role? Not sure, but I am thinking pay check, a bit of fame, and the controversy spotlight have a lot to do with it... wait, does that sound cynical?

Roberts defends the gig saying what a "huge visible opportunity" this is, quoting gay icon Harvey Milk on the importance of being seen,  and that he is "I go to prove there's hope"... uh, how, buddy?

I think the network and pageant are looking to deflect criticism by replacing one gay dude with another.

The pageant is this weekend, November 9th... I won't be watching, but I am eager to see reports of what Roberts does... step up, dude!