November 1, 2013

This Bridegroom You Gotta See...

This week, super gay ally Oprah Winfrey  used her Next Chapter talk show to have a group chat with out actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Wanda Sykes and Dan Bucatinksy on being gay in Hollywood, and then she featured the TV debut of Sundance favourite Bridegroom, which was produced by Designing Women creator Linda-Bloodworth Thomason.

Bridegroom is the story of Shane and Tom, two young men in a loving and committed relationship which is tragically cut short by a misstep off a roof. The story of what happens after this accidental death, of how people without the legal protection of marriage can find themselves shut out of their partner's life, is poignant, enraging, and offers a view on marriage equality that no speech or lecture ever will.

Bridegroom chronicles the couple's charming love story, and then after Tom's death, his family shuts Shane out from the funeral, from the memories, from everything --- despite the fact that the couple had lived together for six years, knew each other's friends and families, share a home and a dog and a life.

In the midst of our crazy lives in this weird world, this touching story made me pause and think, and reminded how lucky I am to live in a country where same-sex marriage is already legal, if not universally embraced, and how lucky I am as well to have found a great guy to share my life with.  Everyone should have that right, period.

In 2012, after a year of a video diary of his own grief, Shane posted a tribute to his partner called "It Could Happen To You" on YouTube; that video received over three million views and led to Bridegroom being funded on --- and becoming the most funded documentary in the history of crowd funding.
The film is both sweet and enraging... it has a touching story and an important message... and is a terrific example of how social media like YouTube and Kickstarter can really work  wonders --- and that is not to fund vanity project by Scrubs whiner Zach Braff. 

Bridegroom is available on Netflix, and will likely repeat 875 times on Oprah's OWN network, cuz that's the way the roll. Look for it...