September 25, 2014

New Fall TV Season Report Card

As I write this we are watching the much-hyped series premiere of How To Get Away With Murder, the new show from Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes. So far, looks like will be addictive....

The big networks still operate on a traditional school-year type TV season, and they are now mid launch of the new season.

Gotta say with Netflix movies on my computer and NextIssue magazines on my iPad, I care less what the big networks do...

Still, with PVR and on-demand I have been able to catch a fair sampling of what has been on, so here's the best and worst of what has launched and returned so far:


Mysteries of Laura
Super talented Will & Grace star Debra Messing is a single mom and rogue police officer in a generic cop show, which will be her third series to fail since W&G ended... gone by Christmas.

Former Today show and The View host Meredith Viera launches her own daily talk show; I watched 20 minutes last week and was embarrassed for her. Will be gone faster than you can remember the last big daytime bomb Katie.

The View
Returning Rosie O'Donnell, who I usually love, dominates as though she is both moderator and last word on all subject..  it's too much pushy Rosie. Granted, it's better than last year's Jenny McCarthy train wreck but still awkward.  Whoopi looks bored, the two newbies look uncomfortable.

The Batman origin series is beautifully, expensively shot, and yet predictable and empty. Glad I saw the premiere, no need to watch it again.

New Girl
The season premiere was awkward and unfunny. These writers are out of stories. Put this one out to pasture already.


The Good Wife
While most series peter out after a few years, The Good Wife hit a creative high last year in season five, and roared back with a smart twisty suspenseful season six premiere this week... the best show on TV.

The Big Bang Theory
Brilliant nerds who are always funny. Love it.

The season premiere was less crazy than last year but still as suspenseful and surprising. Addictive.

Surprisingly funny sitcom, and less preachy than expected, about a modern black family where the father worries his kids may not be black enough.

Madame Secretary
Solid if non-explosive premiere, with Tea Loni as fake Hillary Clinton... great potential to become a political Good Wife. Or maybe the next Commander In Chief* (* a failed Geena Davis as first female president series).

The verdict is still out on Nashville and The Mindy Project who had 'meh' debuts, and I am not even gonna try the CSI or NCIS spin-off's... I have all the episodes of Outlander on my PVR and haven't watched one yet.

What are you watching?