October 20, 2014

Jenny McCarthy, Blonde & Confused...

Actress, comedienne, writer, TV host, Playboy centrefold, and general all around annoying person Jenny McCarthy is sticking her foot in it again.

The former View host, best known for dangerous anti-doctor anti-vaccine campaign, and for making Sherri Shepherd look less dim during her one season on The View, is known for over sharing regarding her sex life, but that is not the issue now.

The blonde bombshell gave an interview last week where -- likely with the best of intentions -- she came across as at best naive and uninformed.

Talking about her guest shot on the sitcom Just Shoot Me as a transgender woman, she told PrideSource: “I feel like that inside. I always felt like one of the guys wearing, like, a Playboy bunny outfit. I was David Spade’s buddy to begin with, so I was a natural fit, and I always felt like his brother." 

So she thinks cross dressing is the same as transgender... and is totally missing the whole point of someone who is truly trans, i.e. their assigned gender does not match their expression or behaviour, often resulting in violence and discrimination towards them. 

And when asked how she'd feel if her son came out as gay, she said: “Oh my god, I would be so excited. We can shop! Do my hair!”

Yep, no stereotypes there...!

When asked about these comments, a spokesperson for the Centre for Transgender Equality simply noted this was not the worst thing McCarthy has said about trans people. So that's not good...

I'm not sure what McCarthy has been doing since The View wisely dumped her last season, but maybe she should read a book or watch the news?