January 6, 2015

Ten Favourite Gay Movies...

As we sit here watching the 2013 non-classic Hot Guys With Guns on Out TV, I am thinking about so many better gay movies...

And found other gay blogs listing their top ten. So here are mine.... please add your favourites and viewing suggestions in the comments.

1- Longtime Companion
Besides being a touching smart Oscar-nominated personal drama about the early days of the AIDS crisis, this was I think the first time I saw long term loving gay relationships on screen. It really impacted me.

2- Jeffrey

3- Weekend

4- Adam and Steve

5- Torch Song Trilogy

6- Brokeback Mountain

7- The Celluloid Closet

8- Yossi & Jagger

9-  The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert

10- Angels In America

Also well worth your time:
All Over The Guy, A Single Man, Making Love, Far From Heaven, Parting Glances, Milk, Broken Hearts Club, Trick, Gods and Monsters, Inside Out, Philadelphia

Note these are my favourites, not necessarily the best -- just the flicks that I enjoyed the most or that impacted me the most. Did not include documentaries at all.

Let me know your favourites in the comments...