September 12, 2012

Fall TV: 6 Great Returning Shows...

With the new TV season starting up over the next two weeks (it officially starts on September 24), I don't really give a crap about Britney Spears joining The X-Factor or what is going to happen on the first season of The Bachelor Canada, but there are some highlights I am looking forward to.

So far I am re-hooked on The Voice, have already given up on the Matthew Perry sitcom Go On, and after two episodes am still waiting to fall in love with the gay-tastic The New Normal... (check out my Sprocket Ink post on that one here).

With lots of shows to watch, and even more shows to avoid, here are six returning shows that I am looking forward to seeing and will definitely be watching...

The Good Wife
My favourite TV show, period... smart, sexy and suspenseful, this legal drama is more of an ever-changing morality play every Sunday night. It is new and intriguing every week. Love the suspense, love the characters, is the smartest and best-acted show I follow.

Discovered this one recently, and watched all 13 episodes of season one in about four days. A returning war hero may or may not be an undercover terrorist, and the only one who may have figured it out is a disgraced bipolar CIA agent... and that is only the beginning. Smart and  paranoid. I am seeing terrorists everywhere now...

Forget the failed Melrose reboot... Revenge is the rebirth of the prime time soap! I was late to this party so only saw the back half of the first season, and then I was hooked. And if you ever wondered what happened to 80s/90s siren Madeline Stowe, she is on TV, and is the new Joan Collins...

The Big Bang Theory
Funny and geeky, last season had a wedding and a space mission and more of smart people doing stupid things. I laugh every time. Jim Parsons already has two Emmy's, and hopefully Mayim Bialik will get hers this month.

Republic Of Doyle
And now for some Canadian content... this fast fun caper is an updated Maritime take on the Rockford Files, with a private eye and his quirky family solving local crimes. Totally fluffy and totally fun.

Kitchen Cousins
We watch a lot of HGTV (it's the real gay porn), and this show is a fave -- modern stylish custom kitchens delivered to likeable homeowners, by two charming and hunky Italian American cousins... what's not to like?

Those are my returning TV favourites.... what are you looking forward to in fall TV?