September 20, 2012

Monopoly Goes To The Dogs...

I love love board games, and while I am more of a Scrabble guy than a Monopoly guy, last year I followed the small-ish news story of the new Canadian version of Monopoly, where the public got to vote online for their city to be represented. And yes I voted, not that it helped.

The top vote getting cities, essentially our Boardwalk and Park Place, were Chatham-Kent and Saint Jean-Sur-Richelieu... and no I don't know where the fuck they are either. But big kudos to the people who got together and organized campaigns and got their votes in. Those bastards.

Where I live, Edmonton, we dragged our collective asses, hardly gave it any media buzz, and while we did eventually make it on the board I believe it is in Monopoly's non-glamorous corner where the garbage drop and composting are.

The Canadian Monopoly game is now out in stores, and while I was reading about these results, I found some other unexpected Monopoly games out there...  

I found Dog Lover's Monopoly, Family Guy Monopoly, Simpson's Monopoly, Wizard of Oz Monopoly, Star Trek Monopoly, Clone Wars Monopoly, Grateful Dead-Opoly, Transformers Monopoly, Yorkie-opoly, Princess Bride Monopoly, Boston Red Sox and every other baseball team Monopoly, Godfather Monopoly, many country versions like Germany and France Monopoly, US Navy Monopoly, National Parks Monopoly ..... and Battery-Operated Sex Toys Monopoly. Okay I made that last one up. But you know it is gonna happen.

And this list doesn't count those recurring and very annoying McDonald's Monopoly advertising campaigns. Please make them stop.

There are hundreds of these damn things out there... are these creative brand extensions or blatant cash grabs? Probably a little of both.

According to the internet, there is a Monopoly movie in the works, although based on how big a bomb the Battleship movie was, I think Hollywood may be reconsidering that... and hey wasn't Wall Street basically a Monopoly movie?

I may have to come up with an Alfred Monopoly game....