September 26, 2012

Win A Date With George Clooney!

Oscar-winning actor, social activist, and coffee spokesperson George Clooney is a long-time ally of the gay community, and now in a creative way to raise funds and awareness, I can win a date with George Clooney! Uh, I mean, YOU can win a lunch date with George Clooney....!

I am a Clooney fan -- not only is he a talented actor, writer and director, and makes smart movies like Michael Clayton and The Ides of March, he starred in the marriage equality play "8", and is also not that hard on the eyes. I have posted about him before, specifically his fantastic response to rumours that he is gay, here.

How do you get this date? For the winning bid, you can win lunch with George Clooney which will benefit the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN), an organization which keeps schools safe for LGBT students across the country.

The lunch "experience," which also includes entertainment writer Dave Karger, will take place at the Soho House in West Hollywood and is valued at $20,000 but I am guessing will go for more. So if you have deep pockets it is totally worth it.... as a purely altruistic move for the kids, of course... after all they are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way...

The lunch date will be scheduled at a mutually convenient time. The winner gets to bring a guest. I'm available. Travel and accommodation are not included, so I am looking to you (whoever you are) to cover that as well.

You can bid through Oct. 11 on the auction site Charitybuzz. All hail George!