December 28, 2012

Alfie's Favourite Things, 2012...

While I am a little behind on movies (still haven't seen Lincoln, The Hobbit, or Saw 23...), I am a total pop culture junkie, and here are my faves for 2012.

Let me know your favourites in the comments, I have some catching up to do....

Probably an unusual choice as it's not going to make many critics' lists, but Ted was my favourite of the year. I laughed out loud right through this movie, and what else can you ask for from a comedy? Fast, vulgar, and smarter than it seems, Ted was hysterical.

Runners up: The James Bond thriller Skyfall, the Will Ferrell political satire The Campaign, the acapella comedy Pitch Perfect, and the vibrator-loving period romance Hysteria.

Barbra Streisand's Release Me, a collection of unreleased songs from the 1967 to 2011, has the diva using her legendary voice on amazing tracks, many Broadway covers or movie inspired. She is acting as well as singing, and every track is a "wow".

Runner Up: Frank Ocean's rhythmic storytelling on his Channel Orange CD.

The smart and suspenseful Homeland was the best this year -- fast and twisty, with amazing acting and unexpected plot turns. Cannot look away.

Runner's Up: The always great The Good Wife and The Big Bang Theory continue to be on my must-see list, and am also a fan of The Voice, the Dallas reboot, the BBC series Sherlock, and the one-time live on TV marriage equality play 8 with George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Last week I listed my five favourite books of the year (click here), and now I have one more to add... the memoir Guts, by Emmy-winning actress Kristen Johnston of 3rd Rock From The Sun. This is her very serious and yet entertaining memoir of pills and booze and despair, culminating in her stomach rupturing after a performance on stage (her "guts"). Johnston is smart and funny and brutally honest. I am now a fan.

What have I missed? What were your favourites of the year?