December 26, 2012

Worst Pop Crap Of 2012....

While there was lots of great movies, TV, and  music this year, there was the usual plethora of crap out there as well....

Here are my least favourite, or most disappointing, pop culture moments and entertainments. And in the spirit of the season, I have artfully left this list Kardashian-free and Lohan-free. Cuz they are just too obvious, but you know are on here in spirit...

TV - New
Despite its fantastic pilot episode, the behind-the-scenes Broadway musical drama went downhill quickly, becoming annoying and non-entertaining. Characters and plots came made no sense. A buzzy season two makeover with Jennifer Hudson joining the cast gets this one a second chance, but what should have been Glee for grown-ups in season one was just a hot musical mess.

TV - Returning
After a sexy and suspenseful first season, Revenge quickly fell of my radar in season two -- enough with the flashbacks, enough with the fake identities, and exactly how many characters can we bring back from the dead anyhow? Wasted momentum.

Runner-Up: The Bachelor Canada, and no I did not watch it, I just am offended by the fact that this damn show exists.

Madonna's MDNA, is the first Madonna album that I have not purchased. And yes I have heard the whole thing, several times, and all I can recall is her screaming "Drive Bitch" during one song, and that annoying cheerleading single "Gimme All Your Luvin" --- compare this to Ray of Light and you will cringe.

Runner Up: The failed Mariah Carey single, Triumphant. Epic voice, lousy tune.

America You Sexy Bitch: Gun-loving Republican Meghan McCain and atheist Democrat Michael Ian Black team up to head across country together and learn about America... but they aren't great writers, they are too interested in themselves rather than other people, and she comes across as a whiny princess. Potential wasted on this adventure.

Runner up: Lots of Candles, Plenty Of Cake, the disappointing memoir by Anna Quindlen,  a Pulitzer-wining author who I usually love. More a collection of rambling thoughts then anything else, is too disjointed to be intriguing.

Rock of Ages: The sexy silly fun Broadway musical became the too-bland too-long movie with new characters, plot changes, and a total de-sexing. Loved the play, hated the move. Easily the worst of the year.

Runner Up: John Carter, the classic science fiction novel gone bad on the big screen. It felt 17 hours long. And dishonourable mention to the Total Recall remake, another science fiction classic gone bad...

Pop Culture Moment
Movie icon Clint Eastwood giving a baffling rambling talk to an empty chair while endorsing Mitt Romney at the Republican convention.... a bad idea (the Republicans don't need yet another old rich white guy to endorse them) that was bizarrely executed... stunningly weird.