December 9, 2012

How about a thrilling date with me?

I get lots of email, some good, some bad, some personal, lots of it advertising and blog or newsletter subscriptions... and then there is the occasional annoying spam that sneaks through.

I don't get a lot of spam, knock wood (as I tap hand to forehead).... maybe due to my internet provider or the super duper MacBook genes. But lately there has been a theme to the spam I have gotten almost daily for the last month, this one titled How about a thrilling date with me?

I am not sure yet what sort of a guy you are.
But I wanna get it.
Me, I'm the type of rosebuds who likes making men satisfied.
In more kinky ways than you can imagine right now, lol!
I'm know much about your fun and your joy and if you get that I'm happy too.
You can see my spicy photos here!
They are pretty ardent, dontcha think? Write me and tell me how do you like them.
Ihave a profile ready, waiting for your message!

Rosebuds? Ardent boobs? Is this what straight guys like? This email comes from someone supposedly named Annalee Stooksbury, who sounds very British and very proper and very female... and oh yeah, fake.

If someone was trying to solicit me for sex, they would not be named Annalee, and the least they could do is try to convince me they look like this:

When in reality they probably look like this:

Damn internet...