November 27, 2014

Snow, Thanksgiving, & Harvey Milk...

Here in the great white north we had our first winter blast of the season today... 30 cm and climbing of snow (that's about 157 inches), so reduced visibility, snow clogged roads, really slow driving, and the occasional truck driving moron endangering all of us cuz who thinks he's cruising on a wide open road in August.

My drive home from the airport after a business trip took three hours for what should be a 45-minute drive. And I stopped counting the cars in the ditch as I drove by. Blech.

Then after a safe return home and the first round of shovelling, fed the dogs and myself and getting caught up online and saw the Snowmaggedon stuff, and the American Thanksgiving stuff, and then in passing saw something about today being the anniversary of the death of Harvey Milk.

Then my three hours drive home and the whining (yet bitingly funny) family feuding stuff about Thanksgiving all mattered less.

Harvey Milk was a key gay activist and now an icon -- go right now and see Sean Penn's Oscar winning turn in Milk if you have not yet --- he was the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California, and was assassinated in 1978.

Milk was a visionary, who saw a world of equality long before other people talked about it. And he spoke loud and proud, and become one of the first faces of the equality movement. In 2009 he was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Without Harvey Milk I might not have the life I have today... RIP Mr Milk.