December 1, 2014

World AIDS Day: Seeing Red...

Today is World AIDS Day. 
Since 1988, December 1st has been a day of thought and fund-raising for the fight against AIDS... though it gets less press now, AIDS is still real and out there and impacting lives.
AIDS has killed over 25 million people, and over 35 million are currently affected. Over 3 million of those are children. Approximately 19 million do not know they are infected.  Over half live in low and middle income countries.

There were almost 2 million new infections last year. 
Are people complacent? Even though there are effective treatment options now, the ideal of course would be to not need treatment.

To learn more about Worlds AIDS Day click here: AIDS Day.

Two of my favourite companies, Starbucks and Apple, are doing fundraisers today... so I may have to do some shopping (cuz I'm a giver that way)...

I am going to make a donation to The Canadian Foundation For AIDS Research this week (CANFAR), and encourage everyone else to do the same with their local organization.  Imagine a world without AIDS…