May 16, 2011

12 Reasons to Love Tina Fey...

I luuuv Tina Fey -- smart, funny, liberal, charming, honest, flawed, goofy --- all good things.

And while I love Tina Fey, I did not love her new book Bossypants. Gotta admit, I liked it at best. While the book is fun and cute, it reads like Saturday Night Live sketches or a 30 Rock episode --- random fast bits tossed together, most funny, some insightful, some opinionated, nothing too personal or surprising.

The book is fun and forgettable, charming without being personal or intimate. It's not a memoir, it's uneven "bits", and short as it is, it's still padded with script morsels which are the funniest parts of the book. I hope our Tina was paid big bucks for this one.

The book isn't bad, I just wanted more. I expected the female David Sedaris; maybe Fey's next book. Still, there is lots to love about Tina in Bossypants...

1- Tina is smart, funny, liberal... all good things!

2- Tina loves her gays, talks about her lesbian friends when she was a teen, and gets it: Gay people don't actually try to convert people. That's Jehovah's Witnesses you're thinking of.

3- Tina talks dirty: f-word, c-word, and at one point refers to "a cavernous vagina" and "a celebrity fecalist".

4- Tina writes great title chapters, like "There's a Drunk Midget In My House".

5- Tina is staunchly pro marriage equality: We can't expect our gay friends to always be single, celibate, and arriving early with the nacho-fixin's. And we really need to let these people get married, already.

6- Tina sort of talks about her scar: I only bring it up to explain why I'm not going to talk about it. She then provides a matter-of-fact account of how she got it (when she was 5, a stranger slashed her in the alley behind her family home).

7- Bossypants has pop culture references from Jaclyn Smith to Rihanna, Thomas Jefferson to Charlie Sheen, Desmond Tutu to Spongebob Squarepants.

8- Tina declares the Photoshop is "America's most serious and pressing issue".

9- Tina makes up words that are really useful, like BLORFT, which is when you are stressed and overwhelmed and soldier on anyway.

10- Tina is so busy, even Oprah suggests she may be over-extended... uh, and Oprah would know over-extended now wouldn't she?

11- Tina talks about her stint playing Sarah Palin. When the former Alaska governor accused her of exploiting the Palin family, Fey knew better than to respond. "Although if I were to respond," she adds, "I would probably just say, 'Nice reality show.'"

12- Tina tackles sexism in her usual subtle sharp way: "Ever since I became an executive producer of '30 Rock,' people have asked me ... 'Is it uncomfortable for you to be the person in charge?' You know, in the same way they say, 'Gosh, Mr. Trump, is it awkward for you to be the boss of all these people?'"

Ok, I love Tina Fey, and on second thought the book is pretty good... read it!


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