May 12, 2011

Why lift boxes when you can tweet?

For those of you who were actually working on our recent moving day, and unalbe to follow me on twitter, here are my Moving Day Tweets.

Beware the randomness of my brain when not on a task...

1. My dog walks like he’s drunk.

2. Okay, if my dog isn’t drunk, then when he is walking like that he’s gotta be channeling Katherine Hepburn.

3. Okay we have officially gone too far with the Watergate riffs… “Semengate”, really?

4. The movers just said our new house is “gorgeous but not mover friendly”. Oops.

5. Levi Johnston to write tell-all book about Palins and his “perplexing fall from grace”… Uh, what’s perplexing about it, dude?

6. All hail Coca Cola! Behind a major law firm’s decision to ditch its defense of DOMA…

7. Paul Reiser slams NBC for show cancellation:”When you’re the last place network, you don’t want to jeopardize that.”

8. Jodie Foster continues to drink the craziness Kool Aid: Mel Gibson “such a good person”.

9. Playing iPad Scrabble while the movers unload really big heavy things. Wrong? Laziness? Or sheer brilliance?

10. The movers found a box of cassettes, yes cassettes, that I have dragged house to house city to city. Please don’t let them find any 8-tracks…

11. Movers found box with 19 cookbooks that have been in storage for a year and I didn’t even know they were gone.

12. Holy crap, where did al this kitchen stuff come from? I have never cooked this much in my frigging life!

13. Seriously iPad Scrabble game… do you think VASA is a word?

14. Movers One, formerly pristine brand new wall Zero…

15. Holy crap, how old is that VHS tape? Why do I own that? Why did I pay to pack, move and store that?

16. Oh the old street sign “ALFRED ST”. I had totally forgotten about it. Hope my friends bought that rather than stole it off a street corner.

17. An ironing board? When the hell did I get an ironing board?

18. Okay no stove or fridge etc… but music now working! First CD played in new house Allison Kraus and Robert Plant, “Raising Sand”

19. Some people hear voices… Some see invisible people... Others have no imagination whatsoever. – Anonymous

20. Obsessed with iPad Scrabble obsessed…

21. How to keep movers happy? I have spent more $ at tim hortons over last 2 days than my entire life!


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