May 9, 2011

I Do: Big Gay Wedding On Grey's Anatomy

After being an obsessive fan for its first few seasons, I ultimately got bored with Grey's Anatomy. Sure I saw it here and there, just not regularly at all. I just didn't care about the characters.

Then saw this year's musical episode, mostly because of my fascination with television train wrecks, and lo and behold, despite the non-singing of Patrick Dempsey, I liked it... liked the episode, especially loved Sara Ramirez singing, and have since downloaded her EP.

That episode featured Callie and Arizona, the show's resident lesbian doctors, getting engaged... and having a car wreck, having Callie appear as a singing angel or vision, having weird musical sex dreams, and having a baby. Busy busy TV people.

On May 5 the couple got married, and I loved the episode, from the romance and humour to the truth of one set of parents accepting and embracing the couple, and the other set of parents walking away. That hit home for sure.

The show's producer Shonda Rhimes, who is straight, in my opinion cowardly dropped the ball with the whole TR Knight "faggot" calling thing a few years back, has now stepped forward in a big and bold way, as she has been attacked on twitter and other places for promoting a gay lifestyle. One comment even pointed out that "straight people don't suck":

"I DON'T pander,” Rhimes messaged back. “And straight people DON'T suck. At least, I don't suck. You might. I do not know you so I can't be sure. Also you just said I pander. So you'll excuse me for saying you suck.”

In a second tweet, Rhimes went on to defend gay relationships.

“Isn't love universal? Isn't that the point? That you can watch a straight couple in love or a lesbian couple in love and what you see and feel is the LOVE? How is that pandering? Maybe I've been pandering to straight couples all this time.”

“Another thing: one of the reasons I cast the show the way I did is because I like to turn on the TV and see people who look like me living in a world of diversity. I'm betting there's a lesbian girl out there who likes to turn on the TV and see people who love like her too.”

“So, you know, yeah I just went all ranty, but come on. Love is universal. Life is universal. Grow up and stop complaining and stop hating on a storyline because the characters are different from you. Because THAT Is ridiculous.”

Rock on Shonda!


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